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Our Content Portfolio covers an astonishing quantity of exquisite content items including original in-house productions those exclusively shared by partners who have a passion to enable mobile distribution.

Currently, we feature wide and diverse range of exciting games provided on our gaming platform, as well as an indepth, yet straightforward platform for our dating customers to find their true love.



  • We offer over 200 individual and unique games for our customers to choose from
  • We are compatible on both iOS and Android
  • We feature games in 4 exciting categories and have a large list of featured games
  • New games are periodically added after testing to ensure that our games stay fresh

Dating Service

  • Thousands of unique profiles for our members to choose from
  • Cross platform compatability, iOS and Android
  • We feature special algorithms that increase the chance of our users meeting other compatible users
  • All profiles are screened for maximum customer satisfaction and qualit


As far as we can get, Rolymobi is all about giving mobile phone customers a complete, value-added(premium), and attentive service.

Being complete -
Above all things, we put connectivity first. To stay true to that, we are working with and are staying connected to each and every major operator, carrier and aggregator in every single market that we keep our eye on, opening up a combination of convenient delivery channels across SMS, WEB, WAP (in- or out-bound) empowering service providers. All that aside, we have been working to support over 5,500 handsets to cater for as many mobile phone users as possible. Despite every little step that can be skated over, Rolymobi is simply leaving no stone unturned to achieve a complete, versatile service and hence customer satisfaction!
Added Value -
We want our customers to have an out-of-this-world experience with our services. Every little thing that goes beyond a standard service counts and means something to the qualities of our services. To realize that, we exclusively offer our customers a VAS package that includes free SMS messages, free and premium-charged contents, Web and WAP-enabled download platforms, Multi-language and Location based support, Control of mobile advertisements and other utility services. Such VAS strategies have proven a success for us over the years.
Attentiveness -
We always strive to take every step to ensure a good customer experience for every subscriber to our services - from where they sign up for the first time, to learning how to get the hang of our services, to being right in middle of encountering any problems, and to where they want to deactivate a subscription. At all these stages, we have personalized our services with multi-language Customer Service Support, giving our customers convenient ways to contact us for help or voice opinions.